My Beauty Diary Face Masks are also among some of my favorites around. Easily accessible  & in abundance in choices too. Quality of the mask sheets are great & of course they work! Doesn’t irritate my skin or make me want to wash it off after using it. LOL
Here are some boxes of My Beauty Diary face masks that I have recently finished up, finally. Just some little quick recaps on my thoughts of each type.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Red Wine Mask

- brightening
- anti-oxidant
- firming
- reduce dullness
- moisturizing

- increase circulation, giving healthy/rosy glow

Smells deliciously fruity, just like grape Crush. Brightening was mild but it really gives a nice rosy complexion. I much prefer to look lively than ghostly. Skin feel slightly more firm after use. Moisturizing is just right.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

- soothing
- brightening
- tightening
- moisturizing

Very faint light airy floral scent. I didn’t see any noticeable brightening effect, skin completely moisturized,  slight tightening feeling & smooth.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Arbutin Whitening Mask

- whitening
- brightening
- breaks down & reduce appearance of melanin
- evening of skin tone

Floral scents everywhere, it’s more of a nice rosy scent imo. Yes, super brightening, maybe it’s an illusion from 1 use, but I feel like it has soften my freckles. LOL One can only hope, from continual use. Skin is moisturizes, smooth & bright.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Royal Jelly Mask

- brightening
- smoothing
- revitalizes
- softens

Like the mild sweet scent. Makes my skin much softer to the touch & has pretty good brightening effects. I also really love the moisturizing power of Royal Jelly! This is one of my go to for moisture & the adding brightening is a bonus.

They are just so many try out there, I’m sure there is the perfect one available for everyone’s skin. I would definately love to try a few more myself in the future once I have gone thur my stash.

Some places to shop for My Beauty Diary Face Masks are :
sasa, ebay & yesstyle. Among others too.


It took me this long but finally I got to use Etude House Happy fresh foam White Clay. Now I wonder why I ever waited until now. Etude House’ Happy fresh foam series has 5 different options for you to choose from. Options for everyone.

Etude House Happy fresh foam White Clay

Vitamin C, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, White Clay & Witch Hazel. I would be interested in also trying the Witch hazel, possibly the Vitamin C but there is that fear it could be more moisturizing than I want. Other 2 isn’t for me as I don’t really enjoy super moisturizing cleansers.
Etude House Happy fresh foam is such a great buy, the prices are a bargain for 150ml!

Etude House Happy fresh foam White Clay

For my choice, I went with the white clay, because it’s totally my type of cleanser.

Formulated with 10% sebum absorbers and 20% moisterizers, this fresh cleansing foam gently removes impurities with rich lather while White Clay helps to eliminate excess oil and reduce shine. Skin is happy again, feeling clean, smooth, and refreshed.

It’s all about that 10% sebum absorbers. Clay does its magic for oily & acne prone skin. I really like this clay smell, fresh!, just the right amount.

Etude House Happy fresh foam White Clay

Doesn’t require a lot for each use, its able to created a really nice silky lather or very foamy one. I use it with a konjac sponge which doesn’t created that bubbly foam but the lather is great with the konjac, super clean. It really sucks up any kind of oil on my face, any traces of make-up that was too stubborn to be fully removed by make-up remover. Honestly, make-up remover can even be skipped when I’m not wearing any heavy make-up. My pores are singing praises & thanking me. My face feels smooth & clean without any traces of shine or oil. Even stays that way throughout the day. Prefer summer cleanser. It was definitely a great choice to bring on my holidays.
I have been using this baby for about a month now, twice a day even & I would say I am only about 60% finished.
For the price, it really goes the mile.

- inexpensive
- smells great
- great for oily /combination skin

Very rarely can you ever go wrong with Etude House. I picked mine up from momomango.


Ok, I lied, I manage to be able to post still being away, even though my macbook is on its last legs. Here to more samples testing time. My impressions of these samples are solely based on me using these for the first time & the information if any provided on the packaging.

Samples Testing #2

Lioele Multi Seaweed Gel
*including more than 90% of seaweed extract
*has great smoothing effect on sensitive skin
* includes an intensive amount of Coenzyme Q10, presents elasticity on skin
It’s got a very watery transparent gel smells slightly like seaweed but also like a hospital. It absorbs the intensive it come into contact with my face, requires so little. Nice light hydration, great for summer & sensitive skin with the adding soothing effect. The first day I used it, it broke me out a little the following day. Arghh… Lioele products always doest this to me, it makes me reluctant to try any at all. I tried it again the following day and it made it go away, so it redeemed itself, then it still broke me out again!
I wouldn’t considering buying only because I am biased against Lioele & I know I can get something similar from other brands that doesn’t do crazy things to my skin. I’d consider Aloe over seaweed for my soothing purposes. Otherwise this can a very good light gel from someone other than me. LOL
jolse / koreadepart

innisfree The green tea seed cream
*with green tea seed and green complex from pure Jeju island
*green tea pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture
Really nice fragrant scent, very rich. Not for oily skin. Extreme moisture & calming. At first I thought it might be too rich and after quite a bit of time, my skin completely absorbed everything.
frufrus / amazon
Wouldn’t buy the full size, it’s not for me.

The Face Shop Green Tea Waterfull Serum
*a serum containing young Green Tea Leaf extracts fully moisturizes skin.
The is definitely waterFULL. The stuff just comes pouring out of the packet, quite runny, be careful. Overall, I like this serum, it very light as easy on the skin. Nice fresh green tea scent, need so very little to cover my entire face & quick absorption. Does what it says, moisturize without making my face feel heavy. Even suitable for sensitive or combination skin. But I don’t see too much else going for it.
I wouldn’t buy the full size, mainly cause I got a lot of samples of this. LOL Why buy when I can get for free.
sasa / testkorea

Etude House Collagen Moistful Cream
Perfume scented, nice watery cream that absorbs very quickly. Very light too.
Would so buy, even if I’m not that into the scent.
koreadepart (set) / yesstyle (set)

TonyMoly Red Appletox Honey Cream
It’s got a sickly sweet apple scent, the texture of the cream is quite thick and at first I was a bit scared because it seemed a bit sticky! Fruit type products scare me. LOL Easy to apply, best to spread thinly, absorbs decently. To my surprise, but probably quite obviously no sticky feeling. Well can’t say the same if it was applied heavily, still scares me. It actually gives a really nice matted look.
I would not go out of my way to buy the full size, but I’d sure use it if it was given to me.
pretty & cute / yesstyle

Bumble and bumle Bb. creme DE COCO Masque
Love the smell of this delicious hair mask, very nutty, pure coconut bliss but yet not overwhelming. This 7ml sample was barely enough for my little longer than shoulder length hair. I love the fact that is feel more real that many of the other hair mask that I have tried in the sense that when I rinse out, stuff really does completely rinse out, making my hair feel clean and does not leave a film on my hair giving the illusion of silky & shiny hair. After it is all done & said, it is a wonderful mask! Really helped to rehydrate my dry hair & make it soft to the touch.
I would so buy the full size, anyday!
Bumble and bumble

Once again, hope you enjoy these~