Some recently finished products. I’ll admit, sometimes things can sit in my cupboards for quite sometime before I ever finish them, that is if I even do. There are also times, I will just forget about it because, out of sight out of mind. haha I’m also guilty of little things expire a lot. I feel like some things are just so hard to finish up, especially wash off masks. I can’t just use the same mask over & over cause I get bored, haha I like variety.

Recently Finished Products

• It’s Skin White Crystal Peeling Pack
This is definately been sitting around way too long. haha

•  Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream
A lovely hand cream, really moisturizes.

• Caudalie Hand And Nail Cream
I love this one, the scent is awesome and it absorbs so nicely. Totally worth the price.

• It’s Skin Mangowhite Peeling Gel
One of my faves.

• Secret Key Milk Whipping Hand Cream
You really can’t beat the price for how good it is. I will definately buy like 10 of them. haha

• First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser With Red Clay
I was given this to review and it was fairly good, I love FAB products! But I’m not sure it’s on my top list of cleanser though, nothing that makes it stands out in comparison to many other awesome Korean cleansers I’ve used.

• Caudalie Lip Conditioner
I adore Caudalie but I don’t feel this lip balm is anything to wow over. Pretty average for me.

• EPICBLEND Hemp lip balm – mint
I have totally have fallen in love with epicblend. This mint one, so good. Then again I am sort of bias towards minty flavours over sweet ones. Not to mention, they tend to have some pretty unique flavors from time to time.

Lip Balms & hand creams, I use so many of these, but it’s expected. Dry hands & dry lips? Kill me now, can’t live without them

I actually haven’t been too diligent in my masking these days but I’m trying to get back into it. Here’s a few face masks that I’ve used recently.

face masks
My Scheming L-Ascorbic Acid Brightening Mask

Adding L-Ascorbic Acid to provide your skin deep recuperation, prevent formation of dark melanin, and enhance skin immunity with strong antioxidants for protection against damage from outside environment. It will leave you a silky bright, translucent, and radiant skin complexion and a more superior skin.

The scent is quite neutral, nothing in particular I can think of. Once, again love the mask sheet itself. Overall, this is a nice noticeable brightening mask for me!
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My Scheming Mandelic Acid Brightening Mask

Mandelic acid is very skin friendly with a mild texture. It helps regulate oil secretion on skin and provide deep recuperation to purify excess overdue skin cuticles and minimize skin pores. It will remove fullness from skin for a brighter,  more translucent and clear skin complexion.

Gives off the scent of a hospital & mix of nuts, but I actually quite enjoy it. the mask sheet is a very thin, almost transparent similar to Tsaio masks. The shape is great, even without any pre cut slits, I didn’t need to make much adjustments for the exception of folding a bit at the side of my cheeks.
I don’t believe in pore minimizing, so post mask wise I only notice a slight overall clearer skin tone. I can’t really say much else except I did enjoy it.
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face masks

The Face Shop Real Nature Blueberry

– contains blueberry extract with softening properties for younger looking skin.
I absolutely has this really think cotton mask sheet. It’s suffocating on my skin. I had to make a few cuts to make it fit nicely to my face shape, even then due to the thickness of the mask sheet it doesn’t fold or stay nicely. Gives off an artificial blueberry scent. I’m not particularly fond or dislike of blueberries. The serum is a very creamy consistency that just gets all sucked into the mask sheet giving me the impression that it doesn’t feel like there much but there is enough. With a thick mask sheet, it also tends to dry up really fast within 10 mins or less. I don’t really have any specific to say about this mask except it was mildly moisturizing.
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Tsaio Pearl – Arbutin Whitening Mask

Adding arbutin and natural pearl extract plus multiple herbal whitening ingredients, this mask can effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and reduce the forming of black melanin tremendously. Using this mask will help your skin demonstrate healthy gloss with a brighter and more translucent complexion.

It’s got such a lovely scent! Not to mention the mask sheet, LOVE! It is an invisible type mask sheet, so thin and when I put it on, it almost looks like I don’t even have a mask on. Not to mention it is drenched with serum. The fit is even perfect (the best fitting I have ever had of any mask sheet so far), slap it on, no adjustments needed, adheres to my skin so well.
Post-mask, overall more moisturized but I didn’t see any immediate brightening effect. I love the mask sheets so much that I would use more of these
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My Beauty Diary Deep Hydration Mask

This was a special anniversary edition I think with the cute drawings on them. It’s got a nice pleasant scent which I can’t really pinpoint though. The mask sheet is average, nothing to remember about it that bug or wow me. Post-mask, my skin feels so hydrated and plump looking giving off the look of being completely refreshed and a brighter complexion. This mask is so great when skin is a bit parched. Imagine the wonder it can do for dry skin.

With that, I think it’s time I pick up more mask sheets for my stash. It’s been getting quite empty as I’ve been more into wash off mask these days. However I really do enjoy looking into a box with tons of mask sheets in it and having choices. haha
I am always looking for new ones to try if you have any recommendations.

I’ve been away for sometime and I’m back! With a roseroseshop haul no less. Summer is already half over, how everyone is doing? Having a nice hot one, I hope. I’ve been just busy working and sleeping. haha. Also been getting lazy in my skincare routine. So I decided to pick up a few things I felt I needed & stop being lazy.

RoseRoseShop Haul #4

◊ It’S SKIN Power 10 Formula VC EffectorYE EffectorWH Effector — I am so obsessed. I use these religiously.
◊ ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral Any Cushion — I’ve been wanting to try a cushion for sometime now.
◊ THESAEM Gold Snail Bar — It was that curiosity & the novelty of it, impluse buy.
◊ PERIPERA Peri’s Tint Crayon
◊ PETITFEE Premium Gold & EGF Eye Patch / Gold & Snail Eye Patch — Needing some eye masks! Gotta take care of those undereyes.
◊ THE FACE SHOP Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Scrub Foam — One can never have enough cleansers, it’s one of those things I always buy in every order.
◊ PERIPERA Peri`s Tint Marker — I love peripera’s lip products but in all honesty I don’t wear lip colors very much but I have a lot… haha (total hoarder) maybe I should show everyone sometime.
◊ It’S SKIN Cookie & Hand Cream — I saw this and I was bought 2 of them without question. LOL Both the regular & the mint one. the thought of cookies & cream scent? I’ve open the mint one already and it is sweetly heavenly!!
◊ ETUDE HOUSE Surprise Concealer Kit — Being the absent minded person that I am, I had completely forgotten that I already have this! LOL Now I have 2 of them, anyone want it?? I have No.2 The one for dark circles.

Along with all those I was given samples + a Benton facemask.
Now that my stash has started to overflow, I show get on using everything. I only wish I had 2 face to use them one. haha

Has anyone notice, roseroseshop’s website is all fancy now? It’s so much nicer & easy to navigate.
That’s it for now, I’ll be back soon with probably something boring to say. Hah