Here’s my night time skincare routine. Well I guess it’s not so much a routine since the products often change, but you know. My regiment more like.

Night time Skincare Routine

It’s Skin WH Effector  get it amazon
I’ve already mention how much I love this
Algenist Concentrate Reconstructing Serum  get it sephora
So I’m still not sure how I feel about this yet. There isn’t any noticeable difference I can see. I’ll keep using it for the time being. I like the fact that it’s an eye dropper. It make sure I use about the same amount everything rather than over using. The consistency is a bit thicker and can make it a bit tough to suck it up with the dropper.
Algenist Complete Eye Renewal Balm get it get it sephora
Same thing, no noticeable difference yet, my eyes are still a bit dark & puffy.
Juju Whitening Peach mist get it  sasa
Lovely peach scent and a great skin refresher. Can be used at any stage of skincare routine & even a quick mist on top of make-up. It’s lasting me so long, I have no clue if I can ever finish this.
Mizon nonstop waterful aqua cream get it  g-market • pretty & cute • urbanoutfitters
Super awesome moisturizer and lightweight too.
Kracie HADABISEI Super Moisture Mask get it  sasa
It works but I think it’s too much for me. Might be better for someone who has dry or really dry skin. It’s really heavy/milk like consistency. I would never use this during warmer seasons. So rich.
Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask get it  sephora
This is such an awesome mask which can be doubled as an overnight mask too which is what I did. I love the cooling gel texture which absorbs nicely into my skin and the smell of roses. My skin feels so nice the next morning.

Hope you enjoyed this, feel free to ask questions or comments!


A small shiseido haul which I recently received in the mail. It’s not so much that Shiseido that I love but it’s Majolica Majorca which is part of their umbrella. I am so in love their the blushes & their mascaras. Their eyeshadows are nice too but I didn’t get any this time. So of course when I found out they had released new stuff I had to check it out. My cheek de puff has finally ran out, good time to try a new shade. Lash King is my holy grail mascara so I jumped on the chance to try their new one.

I ordered mine through a shopping service from Shiseido Japan. Only because I hadn’t seen it on ebay yet. It didn’t end up cheaper due to the hefty shipping prices I had to pay, but I needed these! Not to mention the limited set which included the lip tint that was sure to be impossible to get anywhere else. It’s already sold out now. Though I probably should haven’t waited on the mascara & primer since it wasn’t limited and will most likely flood ebay soon. But I figure if I’m ordering anyways I might as well..
These days it’s rare that I wouldn’t consider using a SS since the exchange rate sucks for me that it end up costing much more. Desperate times calls for desperate measures. LOL I guess when I really want something, money isn’t going to stop me.

Small Shiseido Haul

My SS used the same box that was shipped to her. Since I had her order the items from their webshop.

Small Shiseido Haul

Everything looks nicely packaged, along with some flyers/pamphlets for new items.

Small Shiseido Haul

It was nice that they included their shampoo/conditioner samples.

Small Shiseido Haul

Tada! This is what I got. The Valentine’s limited set which includes the new Puff de Cheek flower harmony + the lip tint. There are 2 options available. Either the pink set that comes with PK302 + strawberry lip tint or RD303 + tomato tint.

I of course picked the red set. The set has both full size items for 1620¥ which is cheaper than buying them individually which already cost 1630¥ for the blush along and the lip tints are already all gone since they too were limited release.
I did notice however that the new Puff de Cheek is 2g smaller than the old ones but more expensive! They are however more fancy with color swirls that look like it might give a bit of glow & highlight. We shall see, I might still need to get my beloved RD414 shade.
The 2015 lash king. I haven’t even used my last one yet, but I hoard things, so rather than waiting I bought it anyways along with the primer. I’m pretty excited to try the primer together with the mascara since I’ve never tried their previous primers before and this is a clear version. Previous ones were either a white or black film I believe.
I love Japanese mascaras! I’m not sure if I could use anything else.

Keep an eye out for these, I contacted alphabeautyuk and they did tell me they will be getting in the mascara & primer.


Here’s a few of my currently favorites things all in the skincare category.

Favorite things

I’ll admit, I am totally in love in Asian skincare products over Western any day. Occasionally, I come across a western product I really like, but still rare since I almost never shop for them. Many of these items have been seen on my blog at one time or another but here they are.

Mizon nonstop waterful aqua cream
I’ve always had great success with Mizon products and their gel like moisturizers are to die for. So light-weight and does the job. Not to mention so little is needed to cover the entire face, this has lasted me so long and I’m not where near finishing.
get it at g-market • pretty & cute • urbanoutfitters (am I the only one that finds it weird you can buy Mizon & other various Korean skincare products here?)
It’s Skin Power 10 WH Effector
As previously mention, I love this so much!
get it amazon • Yesstyle
Etude House Mising U hand cream Fairy Penguin
The fact that it’s so cute was reason enough to love it, but I also really love the scent, how moisturizing it actually it and absorbs quickly. The scent is baby powder or more like cotton-ish? It’s a very light scent, just right. The only con I can see is that I use it up quite fast since it is small, but still so cute! I get to keep the container once I’m done & fill it with little treasures.
get it at etude housemomomango
My Scheming Black Pearl Brightening Black Mask
So silky soft! One of my top favorites of all masks sheets I’ve tried. I wish My Scheming was easily available online.
get it yesstyle
The Face Shop Black Yeast Peel-Off Pack
I really like the scent of this and it being a peel-off mask too. So fun!
get it roseroseshop
It’s skin Macaron lip balm strawberry
I like it so much that I plan to get all the other flavors.
get it roseroseshop • momomango • amazon
F.A.B Ultra Repair Cream
Even though this was given to me. I’ve totally grow to love it. It really does the job. I use it mostly on my legs & feet I admit. Makes my skin feel so hydrated & smooth.
get it sephora
Mizon Good Night Sleeping Mask
One of the best sleeping mask, works like a charm
get it amazonurbanoutfitters

These are some of the current products I am using on regular basis and will more than likely keep replenishing.
Do you have any products that you cannot live without at the moment?