Decided it was time, I start using all the samples in my possession rather than hoarding them like a prize. So, I guess, I shall just be quickly commenting on first impressions without even looking up proper info on these, just trying them out blindly and if I feel it is worth buying a full size or not.

Samples Testing #1

Mizon Let Me Out Blackhead Peel-off Mask
*nose-exclusive special mask
*remove blackhead and whitehead. it takes care of a soft nose
I have no clue what a soft nose means. LOL All noses are soft to begin with? Well, other than it being black and all alluring, it really is no different from any other nose mask I have tried. If face, it barely did anything from me, remove just a few whiteheads. not powerful enough.
I wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this.
pretty&cute / koreadepart

innisfree Perfect Repair Anti-Aging Care Eye Cream
*everlasting/ lavender/ thyme/ lady’s mantle/ lemon balm
Quite like it, the scent, divine, herbs! Extremely thick texture & super moisturizing. Applied before sleep, woke up and my eyes seem a bit more refresh and really moisturized.
Would consider purchasing if it’s cheap.

innisfree camellia cream rinse
*with camellia oil and essential scent
*enriched with camellia oil from pure jeju island, innisfree camellia hair products revive hair’s healthy shine and silkness by repairing damaged dry scalp and hair cuticles
Love the scent, nice creamy texture, easy to apply. Takes a bit extra time to really rinse it all out. Hair feels super silky smooth.
Would so buy a full size.
cosmetic love / koreadepart

Missha Super Aqua Refreshing Cleansing Foam
Pale pearly blue texture with an extremely strong perfume scent. Lather so well that it feels like it will never end, very moisturizing and super squeaky clean.
Would considering buying.
yesstyle / cosmetic love / jolse

Gehwol Mother-of-Pearl Scrub
*caring scrub with Mother-of_Pearl powder for legs and feet.
*acts with Mother-of-Pearl powder, fine sugar crystals and massaging wax balls
*gently removes nuisance skin scales
*soothes the skin and is anti-inflammatory
*makes the skin smooth and supple
Very fine blue grains in the scrub. Pretty strong perfume scent but I love it, makes me legs & feet smell all nice. The scrub is great! Cleans off some dry skin.
I love Gehwol products, would buy!!

Gehwol Fusskraft Leg Vitality
*vitalises. smoothes the skin. non-greasy. refreshes tired legs.
*a balsam for the daily and discriminating care of legs and feet, with algae extract, avocado oil and other medicated plant substances.
*improves the skin’s moisture and has a beneficial effect against aging and impurities of the skin
Nice plant scent! Totally non greasy, super easy to apply and my skin is moisturized. Does it refresh my legs? That I am not too sure.
Would buy, rapid absorption &  non greasy with a  pleasant scent is hard to come by.

Hope you enjoy this post, more to come again~


A giveaway not to be be missed if you love nail polish as much as I do!

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The Great Polish Giveaway of 2014

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Good Luck to everyone.


I’ve come to realized, I have totally not bought any clothing all year!. I swear, that’s pretty crazy. I can’t even recall the last piece of clothing I purchased.
I spend way more on skin care/ cosmetics then I do on clothes.
Working at home has its downfalls. Being poor and a money pincher. No excess money to spend.

Lack of clothes shopping

I bought down a little when I wanted in AE. I really wanted a new part of shorts and I ended up buying more that I went in for. Got those lovely mint midi, the black soft shorts are so nice and comfy. My first part of skyhigh jeggings, love them. I finally wore them the day before and I’m a little on the fence on them now. Maybe they are possibly too high? Sitting at my belly button, the high waist ones are just a little below the belly button. HG says I should keep them regardless. Lastly needed a bit of color, a super bright tank top. My wardrobe has too much black & dark blues.

Lack of clothes shopping

One piece jammies. I’ve been wanted some, after rambling about how I just to wear one piece jammies when I was younger. I got some gifted to me.

A little project I’ve been putting off. Some shirts I got for free & my fangamer shirt that I bought last year & haven’t even worn! I picked up the unisex size rather than the woman’s so sleeves are big. I much pretty the unisex straight cut. The womens are always fitted and short in length, that can sometimes be annoying. What’s worst is that I still can’t decide on a perfect sizing when shopping at fangamer. I have now tried the unisex in small, woman’s in small &  medium but it’s different with every design & the material used. So how am I to decide which will fit best?!? Anyhow, I converted them into tank top shirts, great for casual summer paired with a barlette or even for at home loungewear. I’m all about lazy comfort these. I have now cut 2 of my fangamer tees, they aren’t expensive nor are they cheap and it hurts a little to cut them up not knowing if it was the best choice(always the chance of screwing up) but at least I wear them more now(considering I had this one sitting in my closet that long). Who wants to wear a 100% cotton shirt in the summer heat?  Well, I guess men do.

I do think I could do a bit of shopping for new clothes soon, need some new tops. I’m always having issues not enough tops to match my jeggings/shorts/etc. I could probably live in a tank top / cardigan look forever though. Cardigans, most likely my favorite piece of clothing.