I picked up Mamonde Safflower & Seeds Eye Care Patch some time ago and finally getting around to. I love masks of any kind! Especially eye masks too, there isn’t that many great options around I find.

Mamonde Safflower & Seeds Eye Care Patch

With no English information labelled anywhere from what I know via descriptions labelled on webshops is that it is brightening & energizer.
Nice & simple box comes with 4 individually sealed eye masks.

Mamonde Safflower & Seeds Eye Care Patch

Inside each packet is a pair of gel masks. As mentioned  countless times before how I loath gel type masks… Still I’m willing to try, because you just never know sometimes. The masks come in a little closed plastic case keeping it nice and moist and sheets in between each masks. I can’t notice any particular scent.


These are NICE gel masks, they are super soft and actually does feel really moist and full of essence. I kid you not. From previous experiences I have notice most gel masks tend to dry out so fast! I had enough time to touch and photography this before applying onto my skin and still it remained moist.
So about 10-15 minutes later, these gel masks are still feeling fabulous! Still moist, cool to the touch, has not dried out at all. I can still feel my skin is getting the benefits from it.
Post-mask, my under eye doesn’t look that much brighter, very slightly. Thought it really did supply it with moisture which made it look much more supple and less dark.
I honestly really enjoyed using these gel mask even though the effects aren’t very strong but still overall a very good eye mask with subtle improvements.
I purchased mine from roseroseshop. I’ve recently really gotten into Mamonde products! They have a wide selection of masks.
You can also get these at yesstyle.
Have you tried any Mamonde products before? Any to rave about?

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It’s been awhile since I’ve tried out some samples, here goes!

Samples Testing #4

SKINFOOD Honey Rich Body Wash
It’s got a very rich honey scent. Which I completely do not mind for a body wash. Though, I am not a body wash type person, I much prefer soap bars. It has great lather , with this little sample packet I was able to use it for my entire body. It actually made my skin really soft and felt moisturized. Not to mention the honey scent lingers on the skin.
I would buy this if I used body wash.

SKINFOOD Egg White Pore Foam
It actually was way over my expectations. Though, I didn’t think much of it before trying it. It has great lather, love the scent and cleans very well!
Would buy.

It’s Skin power 10 VC EFFECTOR
I already love the others in the line, so of course it is without a doubt I love it and was already planning on buying this one next.
I love the texture, very lightweight and quick absorption.

The Face Shop New Zealand Volcanic Clay Black Head Dual Nose Sheet
I was pretty skeptic about this due to the fact that most nose pore products don’t work as much as I anticipate. At least I thought it was a typical nose strip, but it’s actually a 2 step mask sheet! Step 1 is a cotton sheet. After using this I can actually see a lot of my whiteheads mainly pop out, and I clean it with a q-tip as pre instructions. Step 2 is a gel mask that supposedly tightens pores. That I’m iffy off.
It’s neat but would not buy because I rarely buy nose pore products.

GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing Treatment
This stuff really does what it says and works wonders.
I would buy it, but it’s quite pricey for the amount you get.

SKINFOOD Broccoli Toner
This sample is so stingy! So little, barely enough to cover half my face so I couldn’t really say if it’s any good or not. But it seems ok, didn’t really find any special about it.
Wouldn’t buy.

Always great to sample new products, especially those I wouldn’t have otherwise considered getting. Funny that I ended up trying mostly skinfood products. Oddly a brand I seldom consider buying too.

Night time Skincare Routine #3 here. Here’s a quick look at the products used in order.

Night time Skincare Routine

It’s skin Mangowhite Peeling Gel • get it momomango
To start, it’s been quite sometime since I used a peeling gel. *tsktsk*

→ The Face Shop Black Yeast Peel Off Pack • get it roseroseshop
I love the feeling of peel off masks! It does make my skin feel a bit dryer/tigher after using it. I really love the scent! Grains! Rice! This helps to purify & clean out my skin.

→ Juju Whitening Peach mist get it • sasa
As mentioned before, it’s just a lovely refresher.

→It’s Skin Power 10 CO Effector • get it momomango
I’ve decide to try as many of these as possible. They are so great! Currently using this collagen one with nice results. My skin enjoys the extra moisture it’s getting and it’s feeling more plump.

→ Origins Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Bright Dark Circle Minimizer • get it Sephora
I’m not sure if it’s really done much for me, though I’m always hopeful. Honestly, I bought most under eye products that promises to make dark eye circles go away are doubtful in my opinion. I believe my issue if more of tinning skin under my eyes causing to look darker. So I’m sure if I’d really continue to use this or not.

→ Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask • get it g-market pretty & cute
Love this sleeping mask, light gel texture, quick absorption. I’m finally getting somewhat close to finishing it.

This sums up last night’s routine!