It’s been quiet here lately,  I know. Just some random things I’ve been doing. I had an IPL session to treat a few dark spots and some small broken capillaries I had on 1 of my cheeks. After the treatment, my skincare routine is highly restricted. I usually forgo 90% of my usual routine and just stick to a good moisturizer and  sunscreen. Post-treatment, 2 weeks following I can’t us any type of lightening, whitening or brightening products. Which is a lot of stuff! No retinol, Vitamin C, etc.. Couldn’t exfoliate either. Had to let me skin heal up. Thus nothing for me to blog about right. Since I love brightening products. Well not that, the time is passed, I can go back to my usual routine.

Meanwhile, I just focus of more out of web things and try to relax a bit. With working full time, my out of work time is so limited that I spend most of time resting trying to recuperate my energy.


Knitting sweaters for Blythe, but that’s like always for my etsy shop. In between many of my ongoing knitting projects, though I have nothing major going on at the moment.


Pick up a few random things from Daiso & Dressew. I sort of have maybe a use for those strings in the future related to Blythe. Not sure yet, but just though, never know when I might need them. haha This is now the second purse frame I bought, I haven’t even used the first one yet. I’ve been meaning to make myself a little coin purse one of these days… Fabrics for a small project for HG.


I ended up picking up some new body butters from The Body Shop few days back while out with a friend and we wandered in there. I couldn’t resist even though I still have a coconut one I still haven’t finished. I couldn’t decide on 1, so I bought 2… Grapefruit & green tea.


Snacks, kind of an ongoing thing, always.


Another one for my collection.


Been getting a lot of stuff from work lately, my ever growing stash that I don’t and can’t finish fast enough. I will admit skincare is more exciting than make-up for me.


Lastly, bought another pair of creeper sneakers. My last pair, are finally wearing out cause I ware them so much. I always wear them to work now, so comfortable. It’s time to start a collection I think. Haha

In between all these, I have been of course watching a lot of shows while knitting or playing some video games here and there. Tending to my plants and playing with bunnies.
I’ve also been doing a bit of rearranging at home/decorating. Organizing some space to do more crafty things.
Well that’s what I’ve been upto the last little while.

Just received my newest RoseRoseShop haul. The US$ has been so insane these days that I had to wait so quite a bit before I finally made this purchase.

RoseRoseShop Haul

Picked up a few items I’ve been eyeing. Mainly needed to really stock up on a decent supply of cleaners. Pretty decide size haul this time = heavy = more expensive shipping but still totally worth it because they have insanely cheaper prices. Few samples always included. Everything is always packed so carefully, individually bubble wrapped.
I paid a total of $124.10Us inclusive of shipping.

Here’s what I picked up in no particular order :

3W CLINIC Snail Mucus Soothing Gel
TONYMOLY Natural Bubble Donkey Milk Foam Cleanser
ETUDE HOUSE Sparkling Toc’s Scrub Foam
Secret Key Milk Whipping Hand Cream I’ve already started using this and I can tell you it’s AMAZING! It don’t have scent and it works so well.
THE FACE SHOP White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser
INNISFREE JeJu Volcanic Pore Scrub Foam I bought this jsut for HG because he loved it so much the last time I got it.
IMSELENE Birds Nest Aqua Sleeping Mask Pack I’ve recently started becoming obsessed with sleeping masks and mask packs again over mask sheets.
3W CLINIC Snail Mucus Peeling Gel
Mizon Mela Defense White Capsule Cream
ETUDE HOUSE Help My Finger UV Diamond Top Coat
ETUDE HOUSE Surprise Concealer Kit No.02 (Dark Circle Brightening) I hope this can help cover my really dark circles!
MISSHA Fermentation Cleansing Foam – No.Citron
It’s SKIN Macaron Lip Balm No.04 Pineapple I’m, excited to try this pineapple flavor.
Mizon No.1 King’s Berry Aqua Step Up Cream Honestly, I have no idea how I’m going to finish this massive 300ml jar.
Holika Holika Baby Silky Foot One Shot Peeling Yes, this stuff works! I even bought any extra for a friend.
ARRAHAN White Peeling Gel

As usual, right after getting this is in the mail, I realized I missed a few items! What’s new right, always a reason to shop more or pre shop. haha This stuff should last me a year at the very least without having to buy anymore, but being an addict I can’t help but look at more stuff. Not to mention this days, I’ve been getting a lot of new skincare items from work too.

My stash is actually getting quite ridiculous. I’ve been giving so much stuff away that I know I would never end up using. It’s overtaking my room. LOL If I only had more than 1 face.

I’ve most definitely been shopping a lot less on taobao these days. Here’s my most recent taobao haul, yet another fairly small one. I only shop on taobao these days if there’s at least 3-5 things I really want that I know I just can’t find anywhere else or for extremely overpriced. Obviously, this must always be the case If you’re going to buy something from taobao make it worthwhile.

Taobao Haul

There is always nice socks to be found on taobao for cheap! I really restrain myself this time from buying bags & shoes. I ended up buying 1 pair instead of the 3 pairs I really wanted. haha Only things I felt I could really use (socks, there can never be enough socks). There is always this urge to buy socks. I don’t wear these socks as much as I should because I refuse to wear nice socks to work and I am ALWAYS at work these days.

Everything came nicely packed as always with some free heel grips for my shoes & a bag of rose petals to make everything scented. LOL

01 /$3.75 these socks are much more darker in real life
02/$14.45 these shoes fit nicely but still a little snug, will have to stretch them out a bit. Ridiculously great quality for this price. The soles are nice and sturdy.
03/$3.75 I love transparent type socks, great for summer.
04/$5.45 I’ve previously had a pair of these and wanted to buy an extra.
05/$1.15 My only wish was that these colors came in pairs rather than singly. Otherwise, I totally adore them.
06/$3.75 So cute!
07/$3.95 I don’t even like cats, I swear. LOL
08/$1.95 I collect badges.
09/$2.95 I don’t own any vertical stripes, now I do.

One of these days, I should make a post about my ever growing sock collection. haha
I’m already building another taobao spree as we speak. Usually takes me a couple weeks to finalize, luckily my taobao SS is awesome. I don’t buy much clothes anymore, because sometimes it can be iffy, but shoes/bags/socks A+++.
Now if only I had time to wear all the stuff I buy.

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