Life has been busy I’m working a lot and totally exhausted most of the time. I barely have enough time to do a full skincare regimen.
Here’s a quick post about few more mask sheets I’ve used recently when I’ve gotten the chance to even use one.

More Mask Sheets

It’s Skin Biyoonjin Deer Antlers & Royal jelly Mask
I can’t find any info about this mask online since there is no English information on the packaging I can’t be certain of the benefits of this mask. But I do love me some strange masks. Deer Antlers?! Why not. From  what I know, it has anti-aging benefits & increase blood circulation. Royal Jelly is very moisturizing & also has anti-aging benefits. The mask sheet is a bit thinner but soak full of serum. My skin feels much more moisturized & plump after using this mask. The serum is a bit on the heavy side leaving my skin feeling slightly sticky & takes a long time for the remaining serum to fully absorb. Nothing too overly special about this mask to make me want to use it again. Anyways, it’s not a common/popular mask, hard to find.

Peony Milky Brightening Mask
My mom got me these from her trip to Taiwan. These contain natural plant essences and are organic!? 4 individually packed mask sheets to a box. Great mask sheet with lots of slits to properly fold onto anyone’s face shape. The essence has a very heavy chinese herbal medicine scent. It’s slightly brown/tan-colored too, unlike the standard white/creamy color essence in most mask sheets. Natural coloring.
After 1 time use, I can immediately notice my skin tone getting much brighter. Sadly, I have no clue where to buy this.

Hadalabo shirojyun Whitening Mask
Contains arbutin which is really effective for whitening. Helps reduce dark spots, freckles, melanin. Always a good thing for us freckled people. This mask does not contain any fragrance, thank you! I think masks that does what it needs to without any added fragrances. The mask sheets is really smooth and much more dense than maybe Korean brand mask sheets. The shape isn’t so face, a bit odd at the center around the nose for me. Some fold tweaking make it pretty decent fit. It’s feel really cooling putting on this mask without even having to put it in the fridge. Post-mask : my skin is noticeably brighter & much more supple. Any remaining essence quickly absorbs into my skin with no sticky residue I sometimes get from certain mask sheets. These mask sheets come in a box of 4 and can be purchased from sasa. I would definitely repurchase these masks again.

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask
Contains Tahitian black pearl essense, rich with vitamins, minerals & amino acids. Also super moisturizing with Cospgingo™. Pearl type masks in general is great for brightening & luminous glow. As always great mask sheets from My Beauty Diary. Powdery soft scented essence. I found this mask to be very moisturizing but not overly powerful but it always leave a slight glow to my skin. So it really does all that it days it would. I got this mask as a bonus in a few of the set I’ve bought previously but never really considered buying it along. As much as I like it, I don’t think I would get it on it’s own. It doesn’t offer any special or enough to draw me in. Available at sasa, amazon, yesstyle.

I swear I’ll be back sooner for my next post. I’ve got a bunch more mask sheets & planning on sharing my current daily skincare items.

It’s raining like crazy here lately & then it snowed, now it’s freezing for Vancouver standards that is. Brrrr And winter means I get shitty lighting once again even at my new place with 10 times more windows. Windows are useless when there is no sun. LOL


Sometime last year I posted about Etude House It’s Real Pack broccoli. Now I’ll tell you a bit about my experience with carrot & sweet pumpkin.

Etude House It's Real Pack

Etude House It’s Real Pack is available in 5 different varieties. Broccoli, Carrot, Sweet Pumpkin, Sea Kelp & Chestnut Shell. These are wash-off packs. Wash off type masks can be a bit tedious but also fun at the same time. haha When I’m not that lazy to use them. Each box of Etude House It’s Real Pack comes with 3 tubes. It is also free of parabens, talc, mineral oils & dyes. Quite natural, no masking with fragrances.

Etude House It's Real Pack

Carrot :
– contains 6000mg of carrots
– brightening, soft, moisturizing & smooth

Etude House It's Real Pack

Sweet Pumpkin :
– contains 6250mg of pumpkin
– provides intense moisture & nutrients, firming, smooth

Etude House It's Real Pack

I love the little tube designs. Each tube gives you 1 use, though I feel like you can get 2 uses out of each because there is a lot of product!

Etude House It's Real Pack

Back of the box instructions. It is recommended that you apply these with mask sheets but not really necessary. Shows you how to open the tubes and push out the product(doesn’t work so well),I find it’s much better to tear open the entire backside to really get all of the product out and not be wasteful.

Etude House It's Real Pack

As you can see it, with the backs peels open, easy access.

Sweet pumping has a very liquid like consistency. I highly recommend this would be the one to apply with a mask sheet. You can use cotton pads in place if you don’t have any blank mask sheets. If you plan to just apply directly without a mask sheet on top, do be careful because it is super runny and will drip everywhere! Applying a very thin layer is a must, you will get 2 uses from a tube. The scent I’m so in love with. It smells so deliciously sweet. Hence, sweet pumpkin right? LOL This pack makes me so hungry because of the powerful sweet scent. After using this mask, my skin is super soft, supple & well moisturized. I don’t think my face has ever felt this nice and moisturized with any mask before.

Carrot is a textured paste form. It smells like barf carrots, really.. Not at all that pleasant. It’s very easy to apply, due to how thick it is. I just apply to my face directly and it stays just fine. Starts to dry out a bit with time. Takes some effort to really wash this stuff off. When it starts to dry, it really clings on. Skin is brighter in appearance, smooth & soft to the touch but not moisturizing enough. Leaves my skin feeling slightly tight.

I would use both mask again without question, Sweet Pumpkin over Carrot any day though. Etude House It’s Real Pack is also available in convenient mini packs too & in mask sheet form. But I doubt the mask sheet form is anywhere as good as the packs. Get it at koreadepart, mini pack.


Technically, it is RoseRoseShop Haul#3. #2 was a mini haul for my mom. I did a slightly larger haul this time since I was running low on a lot of things. Now I still feel I should have bought more cleansers.

RoseRoseShop Haul

• BEYOND – Purifying Facial Foam
• THE FACE SHOP – White Seed Real Whitening Face Mask
• Mamonde – Safflower & Seeds Eye Care Patch
• NATURE REPUBLIC – Cotton Armpit Kit
• INNISFREE – Eco Beauty Tool 100% Natural Jelly Jeju Cleansing Sponge
• A’PIEU – Apple Acid Visible Peeling Gel
• ARITAUM – Bamboo Charcoal Peeling Gel
• Mamonde – Flower Essential Mask – 2pcs No.Water Whitening (Lily)
• Mamonde – Flower Essential Mask – 2pcs No.Whitening (Magnolia)
• THE FACE SHOP – Black Yeast Peel Off Pack
• It’s SKIN – Power 10 Formula Propolis
• NATURE REPUBLIC – Hawaiian Fresh Pore BB – 30ml No.21 Bright Skin
• Holika Holika – Supercara No.03 Super Long
• ETUDE HOUSE Color Pop Tint Mini  #P12 #P08 #P09
• ETUDE HOUSE – Tint my Brows No.01 Gray Brown
• Various samples

I originally bought 2 new BB creams to try out, PERIPERA – Cover BB Foundation – No.021 being the other one. But the shade I wanted is discontinued! Sad! I’ve always wanted to try a BB cream from peripera, oh well maybe next time. A few new mask sheets, all whitening ones. The Etude House mini color pop are so cute & so mini. I was kind of surprised at how tiny they were but I think it’s perfect, I get bored using 1 color for too long and it’s a great way to like try them out though I am not sure if these shades are available in the regular sized ones. Oh, the NATURE REPUBLIC – Hawaiian Fresh Pore BB also tiny imo, fits in the palm of my hand. The NATURE REPUBLIC – Cotton Armpit Kit I bought on a whim due to curiosity. I’ve also been meaning to try a Korean brand mascara. I’ve all about Japanese mascaras so it’s time to see how Korean one hold up. Can’t wait to use everything really. I’ve already opened up and started on the BEYOND – Purifying Facial Foam before I ended took these photos. LOL Not to mention that was the most expensive item($17.34) of them all. Usually cleansers tend to range from the wildly $2 to $10ish. I wanted to see why Beyond products were so much more expensive and how great this cleanser can possibly be.
Samples given out seem to be pre packed in 5s. I was given 2 packs but sadly, they were the same sets. Boo~
Oh! I just realized after finishing this post that I missed a product during my photographing stage as I stare at it sitting here on my desk : TONYMOLY – Natural Bubble Swallow’s Nest Foam Cleanser.

All of these lovely items can be purchased from RoseRoseshop. I find myself shopping there more than any other shops for my Korean hauls these days.