Another year ahead into 2016. I have been MIA as of late. You know, things, grown up life, pure laziness.

In 2015:

• happy with my savings
• almost finished knitting a cardigan, maybe a week more and I’ll be done!
• watch a ton of tv series, notable ones : season finale of Downton Abbey, Da Vinci’s Demons, Versailles & The Strain
• played FFXIV on & off, met Masayoshi Soken again at PaxPrime
• work had its ups & downs
•  my playlist consisted of a lot of Oblivion Dust, UVERworld & FFVIX OSTs
• learnt the basics of weaving

In 2016:

• save more money
• knit 2 pairs of socks & 1 cardigan at least
• want a ps4 when ffxiv & persona 5 comes out this year
• draw/color more
• be more healthy & more workout time
• spend more time with my babies & convince them to love strawberries
• cook more

Just a few things I will be doing this year, among many other things too of course. Let’s have another wonderful year!

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After that last post about getting into mask sheets again on a regular basis. Well, it’s not as easy due to my laziness. Not to mention I have caught myself a cold, being quite sickly and deathly with no energy or urge to do anything except sleep.
Here’s a quick blurb about the 3 I’ve recently used.

Mask Sheets

— Mamonde Magnolia Whitening Flower Essential Mask

I do indeed have thing for whitening as with the most Asians which is why they are so readily available isn’t it?
Standard mask sheet weight, cotton.
Has a unexpected creamy white essence with a floral scent.
This made my skin so supple and hydrated. I love it, Mamonde is a brand that I’ve really fallen in love with lately.
I’m totally excited to try more of these now. I bought mine from roseroseshop.

— The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Face Mask

Very lemon-like scent
Love the thin mask sheet, full of essence with lots left over in the packet too.
Really plumped up a skin with minor whitening effects.

— Nuganic Customize Pure Snail Mask

Heavy mask sheet with an embossed pattern
The embossed pattern shows on my skin! haha but of course, it fades. Just proves to show how much of the essence actually being absorbed.
Really replenishing, skin looks more lively after usage.
I’d like to add these are quite pricey! I probably wouldn’t have bought them myself.


I’ve been doing hand dyed yarns a while now. I’ve strictly been dyeing these for the sole purpose of knitting Blythe sweaters for my etsy shop.
Occasionally, I’ve had a few random people ask me if I was selling these. I figured, I’m dyeing these anyways, so maybe there are some people who might be interested in knitting their own Blythe sweaters or for some other projects like the beekeeper’s quilt. So I’m offering a few for sale, in the amount I usually dye enough to knit up 1 blythe sweater:
40yds/ 9g/ fingering weight/ 80%wool 20%angora.

Hand Dyed Yarns

Hand Dyed Yarns

Hand Dyed YarnsHand Dyed Yarns

These are the images used in my listings. These 6 lovely neon pastel shades can be found on my etsy.

The reason I started dyeing my own yarn in the first place was because I could never find vibrant colors that I wanted, not to mention even pastels are not common.

I am forever still working on my beepkeeper’s quilt that is still seeing no end. I hand dyed all the colors for it (that’s how this hand dyeing business started), I just really need to keep at it, maybe another 200 honeycombs? Haha

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