It’s that time again, more samples that I used up during my trip. I actually took with a bunch to use which was great, it saved me a lot of luggage space from having to carry my usually full size products. At the same time, not good for the ones that didn’t work out for me.

Samples Testing

SKINFOOD Gold Caviar Collagen Serum
It has subtle fragrant scent to it. Milky texture with little gold flakes in it, so cute! The gold flakes dissolve on contact with my face. I think this serum is too much for my skin. Feel like a layer of oil. It does eventually absorb but not completely, I can still feel the slight oily sensation. Even by just dabbing my face with my finger tips, the oily films sticks not my fingers. Ewww
I would not buy, this is not for me, it’s good if you have DRY skin.

SKINFOOD Blanc Pearl Caviar Serum
* skin-brightening and anti-wrinkle effects
Oh does this stuff ever smell like extremely strong sake / plum wine. Gel like texture that applies easier, but quite rich, takes quite a bit of time to full absorb. Serums tend to do that, thus I’ve never really been a fan of serums. Also makes my face feels really warm when applying it. What? Have I been inhaling too much alcohol? LOL From immediate/ first time use, I can’t say it has any noticeably brightening effect. As for anti-wrinkle, most likely a long term effect.
momomango / koreadepart

innisfree white tone up sleeping pack
*enriched with pure berries extracts and green complex from jeju island, white tone up brings increased clarity and brightness to skin
The most important to point out is how much I dislike the scent. It reeks of Chinese herbal medicine. Yuck! I also really dislike the texture of it because it makes me face stay a bit sticky and greasy. Does not fully absorbed and I cannot have something like that on my face when I am sleeping, makes me feel disgusting. After 2 nights, I couldn’t take anymore and stopped. Judging from that, I couldn’t really notice any brightening effects or even moisturizing, other then greasy.
Would not buy, there are much better around.
koreadepart / jolse

*milk & honey for well cared feet and legs
*contains vitamin-rich avocado oil and other valuable lipids. a special deep acting hyaluron supports skin regeneration and strengthens the skin’s owndefences. together with urea, hyaluron also binds moisture in deeper skin layers and protect against callus formation.
*milk peptides and honey extract render the skin noticeably silkier and visibly smoother.
Smells delicious, milk & honey who doesn’t like? The scent will linger. Really moisturizes, I can feel the difference. My skin is much softer & smooth to the touch. It’ a little on the greasier side but not by much.
Would buy!

Eye stuff, oh how I want to love them but they really never do anything for me. This one has hint of perfume scent, creamy texture, super moisturizing on the greasy stay on skin type but that’s really it for me. I don’t see much else happening for me.
Wouldn’t buy full size, it’s so expensive.
sasa / cosmetic america

SKINFOOD Quinoa Rich Body Wash
*a rich body wash with quinoa extract that cleanses dry skin gently and throughly with a creamy lather.
A nice sweet rice scent, looks like any other body wash. Didn’t see any super lather but cleans nicely & makes my skin moisturized.
Wouldn’t buy full size, only cause body moisturizing during the shower isn’t that high in priority to me as it probably should be. I would use, just wouldn’t go out of my way to get it.
amazon / testkorea

That concludes another samples testing round.


Does 4 pairs count as a shoe haul? I would like to believe that I very picky with shoes, sandals etc. For me the number #1 priority is comfort! When I was younger I use to love fancy shoes, now I’m old & boring I guess. LOL I only wear flats & sandals. Sure, all girls love heels, but the streets of Vancouver with all its uphill & downhill… can be a bit of a nightmare if you are me(I can barely recall the last pair of heels I purchased).
I walk a lot! And I tend to end up carrying loads of things home all the time. I walk everywhere if I can which means comfort is a must.

During my stay at my family’s house. I had intended to buy at least 1 pair of new shoes for the end of summer/fall. I had almost given up after 2 weeks hunt. I look & try on a billion pairs and procrastinate but I won’t but it unless I am absolutely sure I love it and will wear it dust. I have made too many mistakes in my lifetime of ending up with a nice looking pair of shoes to only find out they hurt like a bitch when you walk in them all day long. Ended up tossing so many new pairs that way. I have small & wide feet, not very easy to find wide width shoes in a size 6! I almost believe if I could live in flops or sandals all year around, I would do it. Dress like a summer beach bum forever.

A shoe haul

I picked up 3 pairs of Sanuk & 1 pair of toms. I am going say that I tried to make myself believe that I love toms like the rest of the world but really, I don’t. I previously own 1 pair of toms & it was such a pain to break in. Blisters for a month before they became comfort. I went to the beach, jungle trekking, you name it with these toms slip ons. In the end I left that at my grandma’s house in Malaysia to dry after a 6 hour cave trek. Since then I’ve been debating on another pair. Oh, mom did bring me back a nice pair from Hawaii but I ended up giving them to her LOL. Just not comfortable enough for me. Anyways, story is, the basic toms slip on, NO. But toms sandals? YES! Pick up this lovely pair on sale. Was totally hunting for 1 pair of sandals that was too casual like flops that I could dress with up a skirt. Love the bright colors. I was actually looking at toms slip ons again right before I spotted these sandals once again trying to convince myself they are nice shoes because there was a pair in floral pattern!
The rest, all sanuk! I have come to the conclusion that I am now an avid sanuk lovely. I already own a pair of yoga mat sandals. First anyone would think, wwhy pay $40 for a flips when you can get like 3/$10 at old navy? Honestly, so worth. So comfy, will not hurt your feet after long hours like those regular old thin hard sole flops. I’ve worn them for 3 years now, still kicking & in excellent shape.  I picked up another pair as a back up. LOL Along with 2 pairs of flats. I have been wanting to try a pair of their flats for ages but when you can’t trying something in person it’s hard to decide if it will be good fit or not. I’m wary of buying shoes online since it is often a 90% miss in my case.
When I encountered a shop I was so shocked & estatice. Being able to try them on in person has totally converted me. Their flats, so amazingly comfy!!! They are also very roomy, width wide with the best squishiest soles ever. Sanuk uses sandal soles giving you the comfort of wearing a sandal but in a shoe!

I probably didn’t need to buy 4 new pairs but I couldn’t resist. There’s my shoe shopping for the next 2 years.. LOL
These will be daily staples. I already have so many other pairs of shoes that I barely wear or only wear with certain outfits. I really need to organize & get rid of stuff I don’t wear anymore.
Maybe in the future, I shall do a post of all the shoes I never wear & my favorites. haha



My Beauty Diary Face Masks are also among some of my favorites around. Easily accessible  & in abundance in choices too. Quality of the mask sheets are great & of course they work! Doesn’t irritate my skin or make me want to wash it off after using it. LOL
Here are some boxes of My Beauty Diary face masks that I have recently finished up, finally. Just some little quick recaps on my thoughts of each type.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Red Wine Mask

- brightening
- anti-oxidant
- firming
- reduce dullness
- moisturizing

- increase circulation, giving healthy/rosy glow

Smells deliciously fruity, just like grape Crush. Brightening was mild but it really gives a nice rosy complexion. I much prefer to look lively than ghostly. Skin feel slightly more firm after use. Moisturizing is just right.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Japanese Cherry Blossom Mask

- soothing
- brightening
- tightening
- moisturizing

Very faint light airy floral scent. I didn’t see any noticeable brightening effect, skin completely moisturized,  slight tightening feeling & smooth.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Arbutin Whitening Mask

- whitening
- brightening
- breaks down & reduce appearance of melanin
- evening of skin tone

Floral scents everywhere, it’s more of a nice rosy scent imo. Yes, super brightening, maybe it’s an illusion from 1 use, but I feel like it has soften my freckles. LOL One can only hope, from continual use. Skin is moisturizes, smooth & bright.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

Royal Jelly Mask

- brightening
- smoothing
- revitalizes
- softens

Like the mild sweet scent. Makes my skin much softer to the touch & has pretty good brightening effects. I also really love the moisturizing power of Royal Jelly! This is one of my go to for moisture & the adding brightening is a bonus.

They are just so many try out there, I’m sure there is the perfect one available for everyone’s skin. I would definately love to try a few more myself in the future once I have gone thur my stash.

Some places to shop for My Beauty Diary Face Masks are :
sasa, ebay & yesstyle. Among others too.