I decided that I would do this in quick short parts so it doesn’t become too overwhelming since Balea has quite a few mask and I bought a few of them and slowly trying them all to see which I like. I mention about this brand in a previous post about their hair masks.
Baléa is a Canadian drugstore house brand of The Shopper’s Drug Mart. I’m not sure if it is available outside of Canada, but rejoice Canadians, we have available to use decently priced and easy to get face masks.

All Balea masks come in packets of 15ml. Hypoallergenic. Dermatlogist tested and paraben free. What’s even better is they are usually sold 3 for $5! $5 I tell you. In comparison to the hair mask, the face masks are actually well worth it for the price. There is lots of product, way more than enough to cover your face and lots leftover. So just go ahead, go crazy and lather that stuff on like nobody’s business.

Here are the first sets of quick reviews on what I think of them.

Balea Face Masks - detoxifying

– detoxifying face mask
– french clay (montmorillonite clay)
– purifies & cleanses skin

This natural and exotic face mask is made from Montmorillonite clay from France and is excellent for purifying and detoxifying your skin. Rich in minerals, various fruit and herbal extracts, this mask will leave your skin purified and enriched.

directions:  10-15 mins , rinse.

The clay color not as gray as shown on the package, more muddy green tone. Might smell like fancy clay, not sure, can’t tell. I don’t have any experience with sniffing clay. While applying it feels bit cooling, cold and tingles. The texture is really thick and gooey.
It turns to this dark brown color when drying after 15 mins or so. Takes quite an effort to wash off since it slippery. I recommend before washing t rub around and peel off some of the dry stuff making it easier to rinse. After rinsing my skin feels super clean and refreshed. I would use one again. Cleans well, feels detoxed, and pores are extremely clean.

Balea Face Masks - deep cleansing

– deep cleansing face mask
– dead sea salt & seaweed
– deeply cleanses & softens skin

directions:  10-15 mins , rinse.

Natural sea minerals help to remove deep down impurities, excess oils and restore vitality. Seaweed helps nourish your skin to leave it looking incredibly clean and silky soft. Use weekly to help maintain a flawless complexion.

Pale mint color, very thick, and apply really well. Seem to smell really fresh but like a bathroom detergent.  LOL It gives me a very cooling & tingling sensation, or almost feel more like a burning sensation. This mask seems to dry quite quickly once applied.
Clean feeling, smooth, that detergent smell lingers, didn’t feel it clean my pores very well, still have white heads left behind. Surprised that is  actually not as drying as I thought it might be.

Balea Face Masks - warming

– warming face mask
– grapefruit & vitamin E
– warms & brightens skin

This mask soothes and pampers weary skin. Natural ingredients help open pores and remove impurities. Vitamin E helps retexture skin, leaving your complexion deeply cleansed and moisturized, with a sparkling spa quality.

directions : cleanse skin. place unopened sachet into hot water for 1 minute.

Very pale yellow and somewhat runny texture. Smells quite citrus orange like not so much grapefruit. The second I started applying the mask onto my face, instantly I can feel the warming sensation. Your entire face gets quite warm. Honestly, you don’t even need to warm it up in warm water before hand. You can just rub the package a few times to do the same trick or skip it.  I love the warming effect a lot, though it seems like it starts to get way more liquid like by the minute and makes me feel like my face is melting  Well, the mask yes. It started to drip, so I don’t think you can keep this mask one for that long. Or have a towel on your lap to catch the dripping.
While and after rinsing, my face felt a little like it’s burning, over warming effect! Complexion does indeed look a little nicer due to the warming effect. I think warming effect masks are generally really good, the heat promotes an increased in blood circulation in turn giving you better complexion. It feel a tiny bit oily for me. So might not be so good for those who have oily skin. I ended up having to wash my face to get rid of the slightly oily feeling.

Balea Face Masks - exfoliating

– exfoliating face mask
– aloe vera leaf & ginseng
– exfoliates & refreshes skin

Give skin a new lease on life with this gentle exfoliating mask. Unwind as conditioning extracts of Aloe Vera combine with Ginseng to deeply cleanse and smooth skin. Wash away mask to reveal a fresher, more vibrant look you.

directions: cleanse skin. apply an even layer to face with fingertips and gentle massage for 1 minute, avoiding eye and lips areas. relax. leave for 10 minutes. rinse with warm water. pat skin dry.

I really like the texture of this mask, it is pale grey in color, not too heavy but creamy fill with tiny bits of walnut shells. The exfoliation is really nice you can feel it work it’s magic. Massage and the mask thins a little and spreads it out nice and even. I don’t care for the smell too much though, it’s an odd scent combo. Doesn’t smell of aloe vera of ginseng. The mask starts to dry and I can feel my skin getting a bit tight. When it’s time to wash off the mask, I massage while rinsing for a bit more of the exfoliating factor. Skin does look a bit nicer and refreshed? Pores are cleaned! Yes! It is just perfect, I love this mask minus the smell. It doesn’t make my skin dry and too moisturized with a film of oiliness. Perfect.

That’s it for now, more to come. So far, I am quite pleased overall of these mask, I intend to try every single one.

If by some off chance you are outside of Canada and want to try the masks, I would be willing to help you get some, just ask me.

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